Saturday 19 December 2015

Celebrating Laura's 21st!

When you hit one of those all important aged numbers in life, it's only fair to celebrate however you like isn't it? For my friend Laura's 21st, she/we (herself and her friends, including me) planned a massive fun filled epic weekend away by the coast, you only turn 21 once! I've been friends with Laura since primary school, she was a few years below me, but our mums become friends and we did too! Although at the time, and actually until she turned 16, she was a little too childish sometimes and did do my head in on more than a few occasions!

For Laura's weekend, we planned a three day trip, it would start on Friday, and last through to Sunday! All we had to do was sort out our outfits for the weekend, save money and wait for the date to arrive! In no time, the date arrived, and as we was planning on leaving Reading at 7pm, I thought I'd have enough time to get my hair freshly done that day at a local salon, however time wasn't on my side!

Luckily for the Friday night, we planned to just get the train down to the coast, and have a girls chilled night in, we all purchased goodies, and all brought along a few of our favourite CD's, its a bonus that most of us are into the same sort of music, and even when we wasn't keen on a song that came on, we all sang along anyway!

On the Saturday, we planned to go birthday shopping with the birthday girl, and of course shop ourselves if anything caught our eyes! The evening would see us spending a night at a show, watching an excellent show, dining with a three course meal, and then partying the night away! However, due to me not be able to get my hair done back at home, I had to skip the shopping for a few hours as I needed my hair done badly! Luckily one of the receptionist at the hotel pointed me into the direction of a salon only five minutes away from the hotel, the receptionist told me it was one of the best hairdressers in Bournemouth!

Me being told something is only a few minutes away though never plans out! The salon was indeed five minutes away, but as soon as I left the hotel reception area and got to the second road of directions the receptionist gave me, I'd forgotten the next lot of directions already! Not wanting to call the receptionist up and ask for the directions again out of embarrassment, I decided to check their Facebook page out and found their postcode which I then used to get me there with a map service!

Soon enough I was back with the girls, shopping away until we stopped for some lunch, all of us decided to change our outfits last minute, and then the night was ready to begin! Five girls waiting to use one shower was awful, so we all agreed for the next weekend away we'd get at least two rooms between us, instead of getting a family room with five beds!

The show was amazing, and come Sunday morning, we was all so tired and a little hungover that we decided to do breakfast at the hotel, this wasn't our original plan but we had a surprise booked for Laura! Laura thought we was heading to the town centre for breakfast, and then straight to the train station, however, we wasn't, we was heading out for a spa day!

Laura loved her surprise so much she started crying, she had more surprises waiting for her though as her sister and mum was there waiting for us to join in the fun, along with a cake and some helium balloons!

I too had a brilliant weekend, but my feet are still recovering from all the walking and dancing two weeks later! Can't you tell I'm getting old!

Until next time,
Jada x


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! What a great friend you are!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x