Games To Play Over The Festive Season!

by Jada, December 22, 2015
Following on with all the Christmas post, because it is the Christmas season, and Christmas impacts us all in many ways, I'd thought I'd share one last Christmas themed activity post with you all before I sign off for Christmas! We still have three days to go, and if you're one of those ones who're organised, and have nothing else to do apart from cook the Christmas dinner, then this post may be the one for you!

Recently, I wrote a post about DIY Christmas arts and crafts, you can find that post here if you missed it, but I understand not everyone can get their hands on Christmas themed items before the big day, or maybe you're not the arts and crafts type, so I'd thought I'd introduce you to something else, we've had the arts and crafts, we've had the quizzes, we've had everything else, but what we haven't had is the Christmas games!

What adult or child doesn't like a game or too? Most of us play a game on some sort of device at least once a day, I'm one of those and have my favourites which I visit first on my phone, and then when I jump on the laptop, before I even start any blog work, I always have a go or too (okay maybe some more incase Gareth's reading this) on the Poki game.

When I say game above, I must be honest and say it's not a game, but rather a whole bunch of games, you name it, Poki have it! With this time of year being related to everything Christmassy, it's great to see a whole heap of different Christmas games that everyone can play, from the younger generation to the tweens and teens, to the older generation and lets not forget the young adults - like me, of course!

One of my favourite games to play is the Christmas dress up, I'm so envious of the character and all the festive clothes and accessories she has! I called Spud over to my laptop once I'd finished making Elsa's cousin with her long blond hair to the side and he was quite amazed! Then he asked me if there was a special Christmas edition coming out with Elsa's cousin, so I started another game (Frozen Sisters in Disneyland) and luckily was able to get off the subject quickly!

So if your children are finding themselves bored in the run up to Christmas, or even you yourself, why not try out your skills by playing a festive Christmas game?

Jada x

Getting Into The Festive Fun Spirit!

by Jada, December 22, 2015
I don't know about anyone else but I rarely get to enjoy myself these days, with the rush before Christmas being a bit more than chaotic, I'm looking forward to being able to turn my laptop off and taking off my working hat to enjoy the festive holiday with my family and Jezeppi of course.

Christmas is a time of many, it's a time to remember the reason for the season if like me you're Christian, it's a time for spending the holiday with our loved ones, sharing presents and eating festive food. It's a time of laughter and joy, it's a time of goodwill and cheer, it's a time to gorge out on lots of chocolate, cheese, crackers and cold meats, it's a time to watch lots of TV, Christmas movies, and it's a time to play games!

Talking about games, no Christmas is complete without a good old quiz, and if you're like me, and can't make it down to your local, than don't worry because those clever people at UKTV have put together a Christmas quiz like no other! The UKTV Quiz, is filled with questions that all TV addicts will love, asking questions from a selection of TV channels including Dave, Really, Watch, Alibi and Drama to mention a few!

Simply press start on the game, and then spin to get your first question on the quiz! Each time, you'll be asked to pick a difficulty level out of Easy (giving you 10 points), Medium (giving you 20 points) and Hard (giving you 30 points). You're given three lives, and for each incorrect answer you get, a life is lost, however, if you get every answer correct, you can go up to so many rounds!

For the channels I rarely watch, I always stuck to the easier categories, but for the channels I do watch occasionally, I stuck to either medium or hard, and got to round 12, which I was quite proud of myself as I don't watch a lot of television, and I will admit, some of the questions I did have, I just clicked on any answer as I didn't have a clue! Every question has four answers in the form of A, B, C and D to click on.

When you've got a correct answer, you'll get a little message pop up saying correct, and letting you know how many points you earned for that question! You can find your total score in the centre at the top of the quiz, along with how many lives you have left, and what round you're on!

So why not try your luck on the UKTV Christmas Quiz? 

Good luck,
Jada x

Santa Surprise Sunday!

by Jada, December 21, 2015
After a number of failed Santa's grotto visits, my dad (Spud's granddad) wanted to do something special with his grandchildren last year, and that something special involved my dad and his wife Lizzy transforming their house into a grotto, and my dad dressing up as Father Christmas and giving the children a present off their list, something they'd actually play with, an item that was worth more than a pound, an item that was safe for them to play with, and an item that was wrapped properly!

Grotto's don't seem to be popular in our home town of Reading this year, with both our shopping centre's not having a grotto insight, we all hoped my dad and Lizzy had the same surprise planned for the children this year, and luckily they did! We received a text at the beginning of the week from my dad telling us Santa would be visiting his house on Sunday 20th December.

I decided to keep this a surprise from Spud, and just told him we was going there for a surprise, so all week Spud has been counting down the days until this surprise, and then on the day itself he started counting down the hours and then minutes, he wasn't left disappointed though when it was his turn to meet Santa!

Spud is very shy around people he doesn't know, and so when it was his turn to visit Santa in Grandad's conservatory, he went very shy, giving Santa a small shy wave and a very small, hard to hear hello! Spud sat down next to Santa, and luckily didn't say anything to me about him thinking it was his Grandad, and Santa asked what he'd wanted for Christmas, to my shock, Spud asked Santa for something that wasn't even on his list!!! Santa however did have the Imaginext Penguin and Joker set in his bag, another item Spud did have on his list!

Once all the children had seen Santa, it was time for a few sausage rolls and mince pies before we all headed to our local church for a evening of Christmas Carols by Candlelight. It was lovely for the children to be reminded of the reason behind the season - the birth of baby Jesus, as we're Christians, and personally celebrate Christmas for the birth of our saviour!

Jada x
Carrying on with the new year resolutions talk, wouldn't it be great if we could set people's new year's resolutions for them? There's always someone who irritates us to the maximum, whether it's at home, at work, at the gym, or even in the local supermarket, without a doubt, there's someone you know with awful traits!

However, we don't necessarily dislike these said people, we just don't want to know what they had for dinner last night and how they made it, or what caused the latest argument between them and their partner, or how many lengths their child swam at their swimming lesson last night!

Now with the #OfficeResolution mug, supplied by Morgan Pryce, offices to rent in Mayfair, you can place a cup on your colleague's desk or monitor, and give them a subtle hint without saying anything face to face! Not because anyone is chickening away, but who wants to be the limelight of the latest office drama, where HR have got involved and wants everyone to sort out their differences!

I've come up with a few myself, with experience of working in a small office, I know how annoying and irritating things can be!

Like when Sarah, on more than one occasion turned the fridge off instead of the microwave by mistake when doing her kitchen duty job. I'd tell Sarah to go to Specsavers, because your specs aren't doing the job!

I'd tell Lee to stop spilling his gossip to Harry, because Harry annoyingly tells me everything about Lee when he decides to walk the same way home as me!

Last but not least, I'd tell my manager that no one actually likes his cups of tea and coffee, so they're not surprises to us at all! Buy us a Costa and we'd all like you much more!

What would your office resolution be if you had to pick one for someone else? Do any of the ones above sound like something you'd want to drop a hint about? If someone had to pick one for me, I can imagine them giving me one saying something like, go and buy a cardigan, because I always moan about how cold it is!

To be in with the chance of dropping a hint at work yourself, by winning a cup and some stickers, enter the competition below!

Good luck,
Jada x

WIN: A Money Box with #AnimalResolutions!

by Jada, December 20, 2015
Each and every single year, thousands of us, if not millions of us set our new year resolutions around this time of year, in hope of making changes for the new year approaching. I will admit to making resolutions, but without fail, every single year, if I don't fail all of them, I fail at least most of them! One year I didn't fail my resolution was promising to find myself, and that I did, and years on, I'm proud to know who I am, and what I do and don't need in my life!

When we got a puppy in March this year for Spud's ninth birthday, I wasn't quite sure how life would be when I become a pet owner, now I know though that Jezeppi is apart of the family, he's not a pet, but indeed a family member. Jezeppi is like a second son to me, and a little brother to Spud, their bond is the cutest and unbreakable to say the least!

With this time of year approaching, the family have been discussing their new year resolutions, and this got me thinking of Jezeppi, and what his resolution would be if he could talk? Would it be to stop chewing anything that isn't his? Or eating food that's not his, or food he isn't suppose to have (when we leave the room for 30 seconds, Jezeppi thinks its his!), or would it be to not rip and destroy every toy he gets, so he can actually play more, rather than destroy the toy and be bored after? Who knows!

Talking about #AnimalResolutions, this year, Discount Supplements have suggested some of the resolutions our most loved animals (past and present) would possibly choose for 2016, and here they're! Its a very funny visual, and I'm sure they'll be lots of adults copying some of these resolutions for their own resolutions - we'll call them ones Human Resolutions!

Me and Gareth also come up with a few which we thought were quite funny! 

Skunk: To start using deodorant.
Elephant: To start a diet!
Kangaroo: To make my child walk.
Cat: Stop going through people's rubbish.
Monkey: To stop misbehaving!

Have you tried coming up with some yourself? If not, don't worry, you can still get your hands on a #AnimalResolution money box, the prize is supplied by gold standard whey providers Discount Supplements, to get you in the new year resolutions mood! Enter the competition via the Rafflecopter form below and get thinking of them resolutions!

Good luck,
Jada x

Celebrating Laura's 21st!

by Jada, December 19, 2015
When you hit one of those all important aged numbers in life, it's only fair to celebrate however you like isn't it? For my friend Laura's 21st, she/we (herself and her friends, including me) planned a massive fun filled epic weekend away by the coast, you only turn 21 once! I've been friends with Laura since primary school, she was a few years below me, but our mums become friends and we did too! Although at the time, and actually until she turned 16, she was a little too childish sometimes and did do my head in on more than a few occasions!

For Laura's weekend, we planned a three day trip, it would start on Friday, and last through to Sunday! All we had to do was sort out our outfits for the weekend, save money and wait for the date to arrive! In no time, the date arrived, and as we was planning on leaving Reading at 7pm, I thought I'd have enough time to get my hair freshly done that day at a local salon, however time wasn't on my side!

Luckily for the Friday night, we planned to just get the train down to the coast, and have a girls chilled night in, we all purchased goodies, and all brought along a few of our favourite CD's, its a bonus that most of us are into the same sort of music, and even when we wasn't keen on a song that came on, we all sang along anyway!

On the Saturday, we planned to go birthday shopping with the birthday girl, and of course shop ourselves if anything caught our eyes! The evening would see us spending a night at a show, watching an excellent show, dining with a three course meal, and then partying the night away! However, due to me not be able to get my hair done back at home, I had to skip the shopping for a few hours as I needed my hair done badly! Luckily one of the receptionist at the hotel pointed me into the direction of a salon only five minutes away from the hotel, the receptionist told me it was one of the best hairdressers in Bournemouth!

Me being told something is only a few minutes away though never plans out! The salon was indeed five minutes away, but as soon as I left the hotel reception area and got to the second road of directions the receptionist gave me, I'd forgotten the next lot of directions already! Not wanting to call the receptionist up and ask for the directions again out of embarrassment, I decided to check their Facebook page out and found their postcode which I then used to get me there with a map service!

Soon enough I was back with the girls, shopping away until we stopped for some lunch, all of us decided to change our outfits last minute, and then the night was ready to begin! Five girls waiting to use one shower was awful, so we all agreed for the next weekend away we'd get at least two rooms between us, instead of getting a family room with five beds!

The show was amazing, and come Sunday morning, we was all so tired and a little hungover that we decided to do breakfast at the hotel, this wasn't our original plan but we had a surprise booked for Laura! Laura thought we was heading to the town centre for breakfast, and then straight to the train station, however, we wasn't, we was heading out for a spa day!

Laura loved her surprise so much she started crying, she had more surprises waiting for her though as her sister and mum was there waiting for us to join in the fun, along with a cake and some helium balloons!

I too had a brilliant weekend, but my feet are still recovering from all the walking and dancing two weeks later! Can't you tell I'm getting old!

Until next time,
Jada x

Tips to Help You on Your Moving Day!

by Jada, December 19, 2015
Moving can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming task of your life. Those who can afford it prefer to hire a removals company to do the task of packing and transferring of their belongings. A removals company is basically there to unburden you of these tasks and keep you stress-free as much as possible.

However, not all removals companies are professionals. You need to be selective in choosing it and consider several factors. One of these considerations is the TRUST factor. Will you be able to totally trust and depend on this removals company to handle and transfer his valuables? What if some of the things get broken during the process? What if it is something that holds sentimental value for you and your family?

Some Basic Tips in Choosing the Right Removals Company
Hiring a professional removals company could be as easy as opening the newspaper and getting the cheapest offer. However, it is not as simple and easy as that. Sometimes there are cases when you hire the cheapest removals company and then end up paying more.

If you are planning on moving out, you could consider asking a friend or a close family friend if they know of a reliable removals company. Asking for referrals is better than picking them at random on newspapers. Moreover, a friend that has recommended it means that he has first hand experience with this firm and can be trusted.

You also need to book the removals firm in advance as much as possible. In this way, you would be able to plan your packing and also prepare for any requirements as early as possible such as parking licenses. The latter is a special concern if you are living in the city where parking is problematic.

Lastly, a good suggestion would be to check different removals company and compare their price quotes. A dependable company would not break valuables whereas the cheapest company would end up breaking them. Is the move covered by insurance? You need to check the presence of insurance just in case something gets damaged or broken.

The key to stress-free moving is hiring a professional and reliable removals company. A person who doesn't have the time to pack for himself would just need to choose the right company and everything will be handled professionally.

Another thing you should also consider if you're moving to another state is that your moving company has experience moving into your new state. This way you they can recommend dates or times where the traffic jams on the highway aren't so bad, and they are also familiar with the place you'll be moving to. Some higher ranked employees can also look into having their offices arrange a move for them, as some companies include this when offering a person a job which requires him or her to move.

But the most important thing you should remember when you're moving to take away your stress is to plan everything properly. Don't ever rush yourself because a hurried move almost always results in not just stress, but in disaster. So make sure to allot time to plan you move where you feel you'll be able to make things work at your own pace. This way, you free yourself from most of the hassles of moving.

Jada x

Many people hire a domestic cleaning company to do regular cleaning for their houses. The services that most service providers offer cover most of the ones that any regular home might need while some also include specific preferences and requests from their regular customers. The home owners who hire cleaners from a cleaning company that they regularly use will attest to the various and glaring benefits of doing so.

When you have established trust and a rapport with just one cleaning service provider, both you and the company have an understanding regarding your preferences and what they can provide. This is important because it can be annoying and tiresome to constantly repeat instructions to new cleaners. 

Regular cleaners will know which rooms you do not want to be cleaned and which objects they should handle with extra care or not handle at all. Even if the cleaning company would send a new cleaner, chances are they would brief this newcomer regarding the preferences of the owner of the house. This means you would just have to reiterate the finer points of your preferences and highlight what needs to be done. Your preferences will be noted for new cleaners to bear in mind as well as for contract purposes.

Once you have a preferred cleaning company, you should also know that they monitor the quality of work that their workers do. This could be through regular collection of feedback from the owners of the homes they clean as well as by updating the skills and knowledge of their workers. Just because you are a regular customer, it does not mean that the cleaning company should slack off and not monitor their workers when they are with you. It is important that the company collect feedback after every task and job so as to monitor their workers.

By updating the skills of their workers, the company should also be able to meet the innovations that some appliance companies apply to their products. This is not only aimed at the cleaning appliances that their workers use but any appliances that they might encounter in your home. It is important that cleaners are familiar with how things work so they know how to handle these.

Domestic companies are usually more preferable to hire than international ones because these usually hire local workers thus supporting the local community. Providing jobs to the local community is important because it will add to the economic gain of the people and the area. Aside from this, domestic companies are well aware of the local customs and traditions that are usually upheld in the community or area.


One very important aspect of getting a regular domestic cleaning company to do the cleaning in your house is establishing trust. When home owners trust the cleaners and specifically, the company itself, you will know that they have screened their employees well and that you do not have to worry about coming home to a house which have been cleaned out, literally!

Another view of trusting your regular cleaners is when your kids are at home without you and knowing that the cleaners will look out for them even if this is not part of their job description. The rapport that you establish with a trustworthy company means that you know your kids are in good hands when their cleaners are in the house.

These are just a few of the benefits that you will get from establishing a good relationship with a regular domestic cleaning company.

Jada x

WIN: £150 House of Fraser Gift Card!

by Jada, December 18, 2015
When I went on my annual adults Christmas shopping trip last month to Swindon with my siblings and our partners, I went to various shops that I wouldn't usually pop into myself. We visited designer stores, outlet stores and high street stores, it's the one time of year where we can shop childfree, have some catch up time and drink as many coffee's and hot chocolates as we like without the fear of a little one running into us!

One of the shops I visited with my siblings was House of Fraser, a shop I've visited in person only a handful of times, but more of a shop I shop at online as I look around to use a House of Fraser discount code for more savingsI went into the store planning to leave empty handed, walking around with my siblings whilst they shopped! However I come out of the store with two bags, filled to the max!

I walked out with a few summer tops for Spud in the next size up, ready for him to wear for Summer 2016 (that'll be here before we know it, we're already nearly celebrating Christmas 2015!) and lots of Christmas decorations, cards and wrapping paper along with tags! I'm not one to resist a bargain, and had to be dragged away from the women's floor by Gareth after spending a good 45 minutes looking at dresses!

We're not sure exactly what our new years eve plans are just yet, however I'd like to have a new dress in my wardrobe just incase! The only problem is, House of Fraser have such a large party range available for the whole family, that it's been quite the task for me to pick a dress that I love, I love way too many, but know I can't stretch to affording them all!

However, one of you may be in luck because I (along with a few other bloggers) have a £150 House of Fraser gift card to giveaway to one very lucky winner! Just thinking about what I could buy with those vouchers is making me smile inside and out! What woman doesn't love to shop!? Below are just some of the items I'd consider buying if I had the gift card to spend, what would you go for?

For Spud I'd get these three items above, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Boys Clyde Jeans (£52), a Mango Boys Check Cotton Shirt (£9.99 in the sale, was £14.99) and that beautiful Howick Junior Boys Kevin Cable Crew Neck Jumper (£16.80 in the sale, it was £24) making that a grand total of £78.79, meaning I'd still have a little under half left to spend on myself!

Whilst I can't decide on what dress I would finally pick, I know it would be out of these three items, first up we have the Phase Eight Ashley Dress (£65 from £130), then we have the Miss Selfridge Cape Sleeve Belted Playsuit (£22 in the sale from £45) and last but not least, the Lipsy Michelle Keegan Off Shoulder Striped Scuba Dress (in the sale for £32.50 from £65) and no matter what dress I'd go for, I'd still have change left!?

To be in with the chance of winning a £150 House of Fraser gift card with thanks to Bargainfox, enter the competition below!

Good luck,
Jada x
Recently, me and Spud was invited to review a brand new Scott Tracy costume, who most of us know from the classic TV show Thunderbirds Are Go! I remember watching the show a countless number of times when I was a child, and smiled whilst reminiscing when Spud started to watch the show recently himself.

Pretend to Bee are a children's online costume/dressing up specialist, they're a family run business and have been retailing since 2005, all their dressing up costumes are hand picked by their dedicated team and include the following ranges, traditional doctors and nurses for pretend play, educational tabards for learning through play, themed princess and pirates and a partywear range, suitable for special occasions.

The company have been featured on the popular ITV shows - This Morning, and Pride of Britain Awards. Priding themselves on the reputation the company have built up, both myself and Spud was very impressed from the get go, down from their impressive website, to the costume selection they have, and to how the costume arrived!

The Scott Tracy costume is a fully printed, 100% polyester, all in one suit, that's loaded with lots of added extras, making it a costume like no other! It has a printed satin sash which features a sound chip that says five, four, three, two, one, blast off! The costume also comes with a pair of gauntlet forearm accessories, just like Scott's in the TV show!

We got the costume in 9-10 years, Spud is nine but is very tall for his age, so prior to the costume arriving, I was a little worried it wouldn't fit him in the leg, however, I had nothing to worry about because the costume fitted really well, and it wasn't tight around his tummy, arms, or any other areas.

The front of the costume has a small zip that comes down by a few inches, helping your child get the costume on comfortably whilst stepping into it as it's an all in one. The back of the costume is fastened by velcro, again making the costume that extra bit comfortable, and giving it that extra bit of wear whilst wearing.

The printed satin sash that features across the front of the costume has to be Spud's favourite part of the costume, and I can't disagree with him, any costume that makes noise is fab, but when you press the chip, and you hear those famous words; five, four, three, two, one, blast off, you can't help but have a great impression of the costume!

The costume also comes with two removable forearm accessories, just like the real Scott Tracy from the show! They simply slide on and off the arms, making it extremely easy for children to do themselves! It's then just as simple to move them into position!

Last but not least, we can't forget the logo on the side of the costume can we? Spud told me it's his badge to get into the secret Thunderbird's club, where all the latest missions are planned and spoken about!

Overall, both myself and Spud love this costume and can't find a fault with it! The only thing we would change is the size range it goes upto! Spud seems to be growing continuously, and sadly won't see much of this costume as he is sure to soon outgrow it! However, he's had great fun wearing it so far, if he could he'd wear it every single day, and has already made plans to wear it for the next dress up day at school! Everytime he presses the sound chip, a burst of laughter leaves his mouth, it's fun all round!

The Scott Tracy costume can be purchased from Pretend to Bee for £24.95 and comes in four different sizes.

To find out more about Pretend to Bee, and to view their other great costumes, check out their official website here, find them on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter here.

Jada x

WIN: A Napolina Hamper!

by Jada, December 18, 2015
The UK’s No 1 Italian cooking brand is turning 50!
To celebrate 50 years of Italian passion, Napolina is offering my readers the chance to go on a culinary adventure.
Established in Italy by a Naples businessman, Napolina – or ‘Little Naples’ products have been enabling families across the UK to experience a real taste of Italy for 50 years.
From the rich taste of vine-ripened tomatoes to the fine quality olives in the olive oils and pasta made in Italy from durum wheat, Napolina products have 50 years of passion and expertise to make them perfect.

The prize includes:
An Italian hamper including a selection of Napolina products (please note, it may not be the same as the pictured products above).

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the simple question below and enter your details in the form by 21st December, 2015.
What does “Napolina” mean? Hint: Read above to find the answer!

Christmas is one of the few times of the year, when we can consume and digest as much food and drink as we like without feeling guilty, and worrying about our waistlines. Christmas is a time of joy, laughter, relationships, love, and enjoying good food & drink! Of course, for many of us, Christmas is about much more, but lets talk about the food for now!

In this guide, I have put together a few of my favourite selections for the following;

For The Christmas Table:
For Snacking & Stocking Fillers:
For Gifting/Treating:
Appliance Gifts:

English Provender Co Condiments // £1.69-£1.89

Roast turkey is the meat that is going to carved up for thousands on Christmas day for their dinner, and even the next days lunch! Make sure you stock up on the cranberry sauce if you're having Turkey! If you're having lamb, don't forget the mint sauce, horseradish for the beef and apple for the pork!

Available at Waitrose, and English Provender Co.

Cottage Delight Cheese Board Indulgence // £9.99

I don't know about you, but cheese and crackers are a must during the festie season. This delicious set contains pickle, caramelised onion chutney and cheese board chutney!

Available at Cottage Delight

Ben & Jerry's Festive Ice Cream // £4.99

If you're like me and not a fan of mince pies, Christmas pudding and all the other popular Christmas deserts, then don't fear, because Ben & Jerry's have two festive flavours for us to enjoy, Minter Wonderland and Cinnamon Buns! They don't have to be cooked, they don't have to be defrosted, and if you'd like too, you could even eat from the tub! Results all round!

Available from all good supermarkets.

Cottage Delight Savoury Christmas Tree // £4.

Another product from Cottage Delights, can you tell I'm a fan? These savoury baked Christmas trees, made with buttery puff pastry and topped with Gouda cheese and Mediterranean herbs are perfect by themselves, or served with a dip!

Available at Cottage Delight

Premier Estates Wine - Mini Prosecco // £2.99

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a toast or two! These fabulous mini proseccos hold 200ml, so enough for a toast when Christmas dinner is served! They're available in a case of 24, or available to buy separately from corner shops and convenience stores!

Available at Premier Estates Wine.

Ella's Kitchen Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner 8 months + // £1.39

Just because they're not old enough to taste a home cooked Christmas meal, don't let the younger generations of the family miss out! This Ella's Kitchen Christmas Dinner pouch is 130g of yumminess, with organic turkey, potatoes and veg (parsnips, onions, carrots, red cabbage, green beans, brussel sprouts) along with organic cranberries, and mixed herbs (sage, parsley, thyme and marjoram).

Ella's Kitchen have teamed up with Save the Children, with 30p of each sale of the Christmas dinner going to Save the Children's FAST programme!

Available at all good supermarkets.

Cottage Delight Mint Sauce // £2.50

The last, but not least product, is my third favourite from Cottage Delight and that's their traditional mint sauce! We're hoping to have lamb to go with our Christmas turkey, and this is the best mint sauce I've ever tasted! It also goes well in hot pots and casseroles too, you know for any left over Christmas meat!

Available at Cottage Delight


The Jelly Bean Factory - Snowbeans Tube - 100g // £1.59

The Jelly Bean Factory have three different 100g festive tubs available to enjoy over the festive period! Whether they're going to be enjoyed by the whole family, or going into an individual's stocking, you can't beat the delicious beans full of flavour! Other varieties include Santa's Sleigh Beans and Red Nosed Rudolphs!

Available from all leading retailers.

Bahlsen's Zimtsterne // £1.50

With the warming flavour of cinnamon, mixed with delicious hazelnuts, these stars are the perfect biscuits for the whole family to enjoy! With more and more Brits on the hunt for traditional German delicacies at Christmas time, the Bahlsen range is a great place to fulfil your sweet cravings and show your children to a wider range of world wide products.

Available from Waitrose & Ocado.

Butterkist Limited Edition Gingerbread Popcorn, 150g // £1.50

When it's Christmas, you've got to settle down with the family at least once over the festive period to enjoy a festive film! The fabulous people over at Butterkist have brought out this limited edition gingerbread version just in time for Christmas, we've not tasted it yet, but we bet it taste good!

Available at Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Cadbury Hero's Tub // £5.00

The Cadbury's Hero Tub gives everyone the option to eat their favourite chocolates with this fabulous selection! Enjoy much loved chocolate treats like Wispa, Twirl, Eclairs, Creme Egg, Fudge, Dairy Milk and Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel.

Available at all good supermarkets.

Propercorn Sweet Peanut & Almond // 70p-£2

Hand-popped corn, mixed with a smooth blend of peanut and almond is just one variety of six available from Propercorn! Other varieties in the range are Lightly Sea Salted, Sweet Coconut & Vanilla, Sweet & Salty, Sour Cream & Black Pepper and Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomatoes. The whole variety is available to buy for just £5 as a gift box, and includes an extra pack of Sweet & Salty!

Available to buy from Ocado, Tesco and Propercorn.

Sweet Champions 500g Tin // £5.00

Go back to your childhood and show the younger generation what was treats to us a few years ago! With sweets like Black Jack, Fruit Salad, Dip Dab, Refreshers, Dolly Mix, Wham, Frosties, Sherbet Fountain and Milk Bottles, along with four different lollipops - Refreshers, Fruit Salad, Black Jack and Dip Dab!

Available at various supermarkets.

Vincents Coffee - The Fruity Pasqua Blend - 200g // £6.00

Beth Vincent started Vincents Coffee because she was passionate about ethically sourced, beautifully presented and extremely high quality coffee! Freshly roasted and blended in Yorkshire, all Vincents Coffee blends are available online, with shipping available nationwide! Using flavour to categorise their blends, rather than strength, making customers know exactly what to expect! Currently, there is four blends to choose from, with a free coffee advice service recently launched, customers can send their requirements for a recommendation of the perfect blend!

Available from Vincents Coffee.


The Jelly Bean Factory 225g Gift Box // £3.29

Along with the tubes mentioned above, The Jelly Bean Factory also have 225g gift boxes available, again including three different varieties: Santa's Sleigh Beans, Snowbeans and Red Nosed Rudolphs.  

Available from all leading retailers.


Christmas Cooking Books // £1.50-£18.00

Can a cook ever have enough cookbooks? Of course not! This year The Works have a great range of festive cookery books available, with budgets to suit everyone. Prices start from just £1.50, with the most expensive books costing just £18, and they currently have some brilliant offers on, From big-name stars such as Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson, Joe Wicks, Wagamama and the Hairy Bikers = there's something for every kind of cook this festive season. 

Kopparberg Spiced Apple Gift Pack // £12.00

Kopparberg is bringing something extra cosy to cider lovers this festive season with the Kopparberg Spiced Apple Gift Pack! Available from Boots stores across the UK, it's the ideal present for cider fans this Christmas! The stylish set includes a bottle of Kopparberg Spiced Apple, a selection of spiced cinnamon sticks, and a limited edition Kopparberg mug. Served warm, the Swedish drink offers a refreshing yet wintery twist on flavoured cider, or it can be served the tradition way, poured over large chunks of ice for that refreshing and gentle spicy taste.

Available in individual 500ml bottles for £2.29 (SRP) from Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Gift pack available from Boots.

Godiva Chocolate Pouch // £11.50

This limited edition pouch is bursting with individually wrapped, beautiful melt in the mouth, squares of smooth milk chocolate! Decorated with gold stars and Christmas elves, the pouch is great as a gift for chocolate lovers young and old! Other Christmas products, include Christmas boxes filled with different Godiva chocolates, and Godiva Christmas hampers.

Available from John Lewis, all Godiva stores, and Godiva.

Bailey's Golden Christmas Tree // £22.00

A beautiful sparkling gold glitter Bailey's Christmas Tree, standing 32cm high, and containing 250g of delicious smooth milk chocolate truffles with a creamy Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur flavoured filling! Other products in the range include Bailey's Shimmering Star (£5) and Bailey's Glittering Collection Box (£9).

Available from all major retailers including Debenhams. 

Sidekick Christmas Gift Box // £19.50

London based company Sidekick offers a range of audacious hot sauces guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds with its blend of piquant tangs unusually accompanied with a smooth creaminess. Available in single bottles for £3.90 (perfect for stocking fillers) or as a gift box containing five flavours; Hot Tom Spicy Ketchup 250ml, Mellow Pepper (Not So) Hot Sauce, Original Zingy Pepper Hot Sauce, Aged Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce and Screaming Pepper Extra Hot Sauce - all 150ml.

Available from Sidekick.

Toblerone Christmas Varieties 400g // £4.99

The hunt for the perfect small Christmas present or stocking filler is over, treat your friends and family with a limited edition Christmas Toblerone. The much loved treat has had a makeover in time for their favourite holiday - Christmas! With four different flavours, Milk, Dark, White and Fruit & Nut making it everyone's favourite stocking filler or small gift!

Available from supermarket stores nationwide.

Beanies Mini Christmas Stash Box // £10.00

Containing three 50g jars of instant coffee, in three festive flavours; Christmas Pudding, Mulled Wine and Winter Warmer, these coffee's have less than two calories per serving, making it the perfect Christmas gift for coffee lovers! You can even create your own stash box, choosing three flavours from a choice of 16!

Available from Beanies.

Terry's Chocolate Orange // £3.65

Terry's Christmas edition is out now, and it's as festive as ever! Delight yourself and your loved ones with an indulgent Terry's Chocolate Orange this season! Dressed as a Christmas bauble for a limited time, it's the same much loved chocolate treat, containing 20 wedges of Terry's Chocolate Orange, only it's had a festive makeover!

Available from supermarkets nationwide. 

Naughty or Nice? Personalised Marmite 250g // £4.99

Following the recent launch of personalised classic Marmite jars, there is now personalised Naughty and Nice Christmas Marmite jars available for all those Marmite lovers out there! You either hate it or love it, but will your gift recipient be receiving a naughty design with a black devil horn, or a golden halo jar for being nice? 

Available from Marmite on Facebook.

Bakedin Baking Club // £4.99 - £99.99

For any baking lovers out there, the Bakedin Baking Club is the first of its kind monthly subscription service, perfect for those who love to make and bake! Baking has never been so easy, with the Baking Club's less fuss and no waste baking kits! With exclusive recipes, only a few fresh ingredients are needed to get started! Baking Club subscribers will receive exclusive baking kits containing dry ingredients, recipes and baking tips through their letterbox each month! Available for £4.99 for the first month, £9.99 per month thereafter, or with three month (£29.99) six month £54.99) or 12 (£99.99) month subscriptions available!

Available from Bakedin.

Hari Ghotra's Curry Kits // £4.99

Spice up your curry loving loved one this Christmas with one of Hari Ghotra's curry kits! They're the perfect present for foodie lovers, or a budget gift this festive season! Making it easier to cook proper Indian food by providing proper quantities of ingredients, with handpicked spices from the expert herself! Each kit includes individually numbered bags for every stage of cooking, and easy to follow instructions! In addition, the kids include a video link so it's super easy to cook along with Hari. Choose from curry classics such as Korma, Tikka Masala and Biryani, or less common dishes from South India that incorporates coconut and Kashmiri chillies, and the creamy yet spicy Makhani.

Available from Hari Ghotra.

Elizabeth Shaw Christmas Collections // £5.99

Elizabeth Shaw has not disappointed with this year's festive Christmas range, in this box, you'll find seasonal favourites for any foodie, all gloriously wrapped up in one stylish box. Think crunchy gingerbread crisps, rich dark orange cremes, tempting milk chocolate amaretto and delicious dark chocolate caramels! Other products from the festive range include Gingerbread Crisp, Orange Spice Crisp, The Winter Warmer Truffle Collection and Whisky Collection.

Available from all leading supermarkets. 


Weber Smokey Joe Premium BBQ // £69.99

A miniature version of the iconic kettle barbecue, yet large enough to feed a family, this portable model is the perfect introductory barbecue to encourage loved ones to get grilling! What's more, it comes in four wonderful Weber colours (Spring Green, Crimson Red, Slate Blue and Smoke Grey), and if it's too little for the recipient you're buying for, never fear, Weber have a whole heap of products perfect for any BBQ fan!

Find your nearest stockist at Weber.

Tassimo // £69.99

The newest addition to the Tassimo range is the Tassimo Caddy, perfect for keeping your Tassimo brewer and T-Disc neatly in one place, it is the idea special gift for hot drink lovers! Featuring a handy T-Disc holder at the side of the machine, making that early morning cup of coffee or after dinner hot chocolate even easier to make, and even more tempting. Holding up to 16 disc, and the the ability to add an additional six holders, the Caddy is the perfect gift this Christmas. Other Tassimo's include the Suny (RRP £119.99) and the Vivy (around £35-£40).

Available from all leading retailers.

Panasonic NN-CT56MBPQ Combi Microwave Oven // £159.99

This new slimline combi microwave oven is the perfect gift for those foodies who moan about their ovens or the stresses of cooking! Treat your loved one, or even yourself to this combi oven, and take the Christmas stress away! Cooking almost anything an oven can, this combi microwave oven is the perfect pair of hands in any kitchen this Christmas, and what's more it'll look super stylish in any kitchen! 

Available from all good electrical retailers. More information at Panasonic.

Giles & Posner Popcorn Maker // £29.99

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is a massive popcorn fan! Why not treat them to this Giles & Posner popcorn maker, that takes less than three minutes to make the tasty snack? Using just one measuring cup of popcorn kennels is all that it takes to make a delicious homemade snack! There's a integrated measuring cup in the lid, making it easy for you to measure out the popcorn kennels, and it's durable, and easy to use with non slip feet!

Available from Amazon. More information available at Giles & Posner.


There we have it, the 2015 Christmas Gift Guide feature for all things foodie related!

I hope you've enjoyed, please do feel free to leave a comment!

Until next time,
Jada x