Thursday 26 June 2014

LEGO® Mixels™ Series 1 and Series 2 Review!

Back in March, Spud received his first huge box of surprises from LEGO® as part of our  LEGO® Family Blogger role, I was suppose to of wrote a post about the important new badge sat proudly in the sidebar to the right, but I didn't get round to it as planned! Neither did I get round to the post as quickly as I planned, with everything going on, thing's got a little chaotic, so chaotic in fact, the LEGO® turned out to be a saviour in the struggle, and helped not only Spud but even me through the long journey!

Fast forward a few (or so months) and we're in June, the sixth month of the year (ALREADY!?) and we've received our second box of goodies! Awful blogger moment I know, but I am making it up to all our LEGO® fans reading because, at the end of March, Spud celebrated his eighth birthday! Crazy isn't it how quick time goes! Yes, anyway's back to the point of pleasing, Spud received a whopping lot of LEGO® for his birthday and in time, I will review every single set with you!

I started this post with back in March, and I'm near enough starting the third paragraph with the same sentence I know, but back in March, them awesome folks over at LEGO® headquarters released a very pleasant surprise to LEGO® fans nationwide. Toy stores rushed to get them in, and sold out as quickly as they was bringing them onto the shop floors, so Spud was pleased to of received three LEGO® Mixels bags in our first blogger shipment!

LEGO® Mixels is an exciting range of mini, pocket-money sized building sets that will be released in three series throughout the year, enabling children to mix and match the colourful, mischievous Mixels characters, and create their own weird and wacky story lines with the aim - the more creative, the better!

Each model is priced at just RRP £3.00 and features up to 70 pieces of LEGO® in the cute little child friendly sized bags! With brand new LEGO® elements such as eyes, teeth and ball joints to get the children, or even adults super creative and for your chance to let your imagination run wild!

Mixels premiered on Cartoon Network earlier this year and to kick start our LEGO® post we're going to show off and review just five of the characters from series 1 and series 2.

Series 1!

Series 1 is made up of three quirky tribes to collect: the Infernites, the Cragsters and the Electroids. We was sent a Mixel from each tribe to build and try out.

LEGO® Mixels 41500 Flain - Infernite.

Flain is the adventurous leader of the Infernite group and is known to friends as the smart one due to his special spell power! Don't try to flex those muscles in front of Flain though because if he think's you're too hard, his brain will catch on fire!

LEGO® Mixels 41505 Shuff - Cragster.

Shuff is helpful and friendly, but also very clumsy, Shuff has a body like a living wrecking ball and ends up accidentally smashing everything! If you're into creating havoc, then Shuff's demolition-ball body can help you on your warpath! 

LEGO® Mixels 41507 Zaptor - Electroid.

Zaptor is a Mixel who's up for trying anything, and doing anything! Zaptor is the super-charged adrenaline junkie of the Electroid gang and he's capable of releasing massive blast of energy and blinding light! 


Series 2!

Series 2 released in May is again made up of three unique tribes, Frosticon, Fang Gang and Flexer. We was sent a Mixel from the Frosticon and Fang Gang tribes to try out!

LEGO® Mixels 41511 Flurr - Frosticon.

Leading the way of this new tribe is the tribe leader Flurr, Flurr is Spud's favourite Mixel so far, not just because of his lovely blue colour (Spud's favourite colour) but because this Frosticon is the only tribe member who never seems sleepy! Flurr has been given chief Mixel role from Spud, Spud's asked Flurr to keep the other Mixels in place and tell them off if they be too mischievous! 

LEGO® Mixels 41513 Gobba - Fang Gang.

Compared to other members of the Fang Gang tribe, Gobba's talents lie in his amazingly sensitive tongue, used to seek out the best food on their homeland! Considering they live on a weird farm where they try and plant anything and everything to see if it grows into food, you'd be surprised to find Gobba doesn't like less tasty food!


Spud's loving the Mixels and can't wait to get his hands on the rest of series 1 and 2, each Mixel is available to purchase for just £3, and considering you're paying just 50p more than a minifigure, we're quite impressed with these new pocket money small sized LEGO® sets.

With each packet containing a step by step LEGO® guide, I believe the Mixels could also be great for children who are beginning to get into LEGO®, or for children who have not tried LEGO® yet and want to see if they would enjoy it.

Spud built all the Mixels himself, and needed help with just one thing which was me opening the packets with scissors. Each set took him no longer than 15 minutes to build, but each set could last for years with his little imagination!

As a parent, I was pleased to hear that at the beginning of the year, Mixels won in the Pocket Money category at the London Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards! LEGO® can be a pricey collection, so I'm pleased to see inexpensive LEGO® sets on the market!

We've heard LEGO® Mixels series 3 will be released in September! Don't forget to keep checking back on Unique Young Mum for lot's more LEGO® reviews and of course don't forget to check out the official LEGO® website here.

Until next time,
Jada x

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