Thursday 12 June 2014

Introducing My BritMums Live 2014 Sponsors!

Well, I didn't expect to be writing this post to be honest with you! After hearing at the beginning of the year Spud would require two operations from two different specialist departments at our local hospital, on two different part's of his body, I just didn't think BritMums Live was going to be possible this year!

Spud had his first operation on April 29th on his eye, his fouth operation to date and the first operation in 2014, move forward just five weeks and Spud was back at our local hospital for the second time this year, meaning it was his fifth and hopefully last operation. Fortunately both operations went well (we had some unexpected news after this recent one), and Spud is now recovering from his most recent operation at home with Mummy.

Knowing his operation was so close to BritMums, I wasn't sure on attending the event this year, but thankfully I have amazing parents and siblings who I know Spud would be completely safe with. My little man is such a brave boy and just goes through these thing's, his little mind does worry, but afterwards, he just get's through it so bravely. Spud should be back to school sometime next week, and will be well enough to spend the night away from mummy with his grandad and nanny.

Not knowing I was going to the event until just last week, I was extremely fortunate enough to be sponsored for my second year in a row attending the UK's biggest blogging event. This year, I'm pleased and proud to introduce Popagami and MAM as my two sponsors. I've worked with both these companies before, and they're still companies used within our family. Popagami sponsored me last year to attend BritMums Live and I'm pleased to be able to welcome another 12 months onto our journey together.

I've worked with MAM on various reviews and campaigns before and was very lucky to be able to pop by the MAM stand at BritMums Live last year, I met the PR team their and was able to have a peak at just some of their fabulous and wonderful product range. My baby niece was born on December 13th and received a huge MAM hamper as soon as she entered the world, I used MAM with Spud as a baby and also my two nephews too!

Popagami was the first company I ever reviewed on the blogging scene, and in turn, I was also the first blogger to review for Popagami. I will always hold a special place for Popagami for them to giving me that first opportunity when I was very new on the blogging scene. Popagami has brought many joys to our arts and crafts box, and has some exciting new products to be released shortly!

MAM are known world wide for their fabulous range of baby products, ranging from soothers (dummies), soother clips and holders, bottles and bottle accessories, bibs, steralisers, changing bags, oral care, cutlery and much more. MAM caught my eye over 8 years ago when Spud was still inside my tummy, I remember seeing packaging on one of their soother packs informing me how soothers were proven to reduce the risk of cot death (SIDS). MAM products are sold in stores nationwide and online.

Popagami are best known for their 3D origami pop-ettes, Philip Craik, the man behind the plan wanted to create something unique to origami and came up with the fantastic idea of Popagami. The World of Popagami was the first book produced by Philip, with a new and exciting book to be released soon! The World of Popagami, along with individual sheet's can be found on the official Popagami website, along with some free downloadable prints.

I will be giving each sponsor a thorough review after the weekend of BritMums Live, I will be showing off some of the best products around from both companies, and informing you about any new releases and competitions during the next 12 months!

To find out more about Popagami, visit the official website here.

To find out more about MAM, visit the official website here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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