It's July which can only mean one thing - nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and other education settings are done for the summer, well nearly! It also means it's that time of year where shops are displaying their end of year teacher gifts, which is great if you have lots of money, and let's not forget there's a cost of living crises going on that's impacting many of us!

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I've always been a fatty, in fact, I was born fat! I was born premature and was the biggest baby on the premature unit weighing in at 7lbs 4oz, whilst all the other babies weighed under 5lbs!

Jada as a big premature baby being held by her dad.

 Admittingly, when I pulled my son out of school to home educate him, I didn't do any planning at all. I pulled my son out of his secondary education setting because he was let down by the school, and was put at risk and in danger of harm. As a mother, I knew that the incident that happened that day was enough, I am my son's guide and protector, and I made the best decision for my child that day.

Whilst home education has been beneficial in a number of ways - the most important one being the change to my son's mental health, there are unfortunately lots of negatives to home education, some of which I will outline below. Before moving on with this post, it's important to know that home education is different from home schooling.

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What Exactly Is OCD?

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition that makes those suffering from it experience intermittent intolerable ideas, thoughts, or sensations known as obsessions. The disorder also drives them to engage in repetitive activities, known as compulsions. Some of the acts they tend to participate in repeatedly are cleaning, checking on things, and hand washing. These behaviors have a significant impact on the individual's daily schedule and social well-being with others.

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What does a typical weekend look like for you and the kids when you are not out running errands or having some fun away from home? I'm guessing your more quieter weekends are probably filled with doing some chores around the house, one of which is cleaning.

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