Friday 3 May 2024

A Thank You To My Girls

 Dearest besties, I know I've told you individually how much I value and appreciate our friendships but I wanted to write an extra special post to say an extra special thank you. To let you all know just how much you all mean to me, and how thankful I am for not just these last 11 weeks, but for the entire length of our friendships.

A healing friends quote

11 weeks ago today life changed for the best. You all know I'm spiritual and love my numbers, and in friendships, angel number 11 symbolises deep, soulful connections and the growth these relationships bring. It encourages nurturing friendships that align with one’s spiritual path and contribute positively to one’s life journey and haven't you all been a huge positive part of my new life journey. So it was only fitting I wrote this post today 🩷.

In alphabetical order - to make it fair!

Annessa - My wife who is now an actual wife. We started as childhood besties, meeting at Junior School screwfacing the hell out of eachother. You're the only person who's brought me wife cards that I've actually kept, only because they was the only worthy wife cards worth keeping! You're the person who speaks the most sense at the absolute right time, you listen, and never judge. You know just what to say when its needed the most. You're straight up, and to the point. There isn't no beating around the bush with you and I wouldn't change a single thing. You're the girl who got me in trouble just as equally as much as I got you in trouble, at school or at home. From old school cake in the school canteen, to living our best lives, skanking out to the old skool garage, in a rave, in a kitchen or in a disco dome. Making up dances, Tammy girl shopping and splinter screaming memories and all in between. You are my dancing queen, who needs nothing but air to be her absolute best self. Thank you for everything my girl, for always having my best interest at heart, for being you, and for being a wonderful best friend ❤️

Gemma - GIRL am I shocked I am writing your name!!! We've not even been back in touch for 72 hours and it's like nothings happened! We haven't spoken for over two years, all my own doing, I am so sorry for cutting you off and blocking you and everything in between. You was one of my besties for years and already I feel we're gonna be that way again in NO time. Within 30 minutes of being back in touch we was face to face, seeing eachother 3 times in the next 24 hours, with phone calls and so many messages already haha, and with so many plans underway already! Thank you for welcoming me back, for accepting my apologies when I had a 'My name is Jada' moment, and for being there always, and not forgetting for being your bad ass self. Thank you for putting yourself in the firing line repeatedly and being there when I was a fool so many, many times. Roll on the dancing, singing, crying and the damn good memories my girl ❤️

Giulia - My angel 😇 my newest bestie, who I'm so glad I found!! There's one thing I'm thankful to my ex for and that's the friends I've made, especially you! My girl ❤️ You done something no friend should ever have to do because no friend should be put in such a situation. You done something that you didn't need to, you could have kept things to yourself but instead you come to me just at the right time, being your true angel self. You was the blessing I never knew I needed. We have become so close and I am so thankful God brought you into my life. You're beautiful inside and out and have been such a massive part of my new journey. Thank you for everything. Just like Lauren your loyalties are second to none. I'm so thankful, we've not been friends that long and already I've seen how you've got my back, just like Lauren, you're not afraid to throw anyone under the bus and call out the wrongens past and present no matter who they are. It's so very hard to trust females, but you're a true one and I can't wait to make years of memories with you! I know I can trust you with anything! Chicks before dicks ALWAYS 👊. Thank you for everything my girl ❤️

Lauren - My girl, oh the loyalties ❤️ Where do I begin? To think the very second I met you I hated you is insane, because Lauren I really do love you my girl. We live in a world full of wrongens, and you know I love saying nothing more than 'I trust no one', but then there's people like you that exist - real life angels. You stood up in a packed pub and threw our mutual friend under a bus when she done me wrong. You shouted out across a packed out venue, what she had done in those few minutes whilst I wasn't there, she snaked me and you outed her loud and proud. Your friendship goes above and beyond, you're the true meaning of a real friend, one I'd trust with everything and anything, which I do. Thank you, for being there, during the most hardest and difficult times, the happy times, the most funniest times (the ladder) all the best times and the times yet to come. Thank you for always listening, and giving me the best advice, although I rarely ever listen and actually take it! Thank you for being an auntie to my boy from since before his 1st birthday, not by blood but by love, and me an auntie to your baby from birth, again not by blood but by love. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. Thank you for being my girl ❤️

Lucy - Oh I miss you. I wish you was still local so I could see your beautiful face more. I am so lucky to still have my childhood besties in my life still and my girl haven't you been through the mill with me! When my home become hell, you was the first one there. Doing something that shouldn't have had to happen, you drove me backwards and forwards to a place I shouldn't have even had to go too. You was there, when I was in shock, fear and rage from my horrible next door neighbour. From our hot chocolate after school sleepover dates to our breakfast dates and Dog House Shots for the Hots, oh I miss you Luce, and my girl don't I love you. From our secrets never to be told to the thing we hate that we share. Thank you for always being there and not to forget, going on dangerous treks with me to find a missing dog who had been missing for weeks ❤️

Nina - Another one of my childhood besties, blessed to be in touch still after all these years. Life has changed so very much but when we meet up its like no time has passed. All the memories and giggles we have shared. From running away from NJ and falling on my bum, tripping over in front of Blazin Squad at Thorpe Park and how on earth are we ever going to forget "is it sick"? Thank you for everything girl ❤️

Paula - My Northern lassie, thank you PCS for so very much and I'm not talking about the Scotties aye ;) I am beyond grateful for our friendship and I'm so very glad we met through your lovely best friend Donna - my wonderful and lovely neighbour. You have been there for me even though you're going through something no parent should ever have to go through. I have never met someone who has gone through so much in life, but who still has a heart of gold, a glimmer of hope in her eyes and the most friendly welcoming smile who's there for everyone. Thank you for everything girl ❤️

To Annessa, Paula, Lauren and Gemma - I'm so sorry there was times where you felt the need to protect me and put yourself in the firing line. More so Lauren and Gemma. I lost count of the amount of times you both defended me. I didn't ask for help, or for you to speak up, but you all did, Lauren and Gemma repeatedly. I'm so sorry that those situations happened, I know you all keep telling me it's not my fault - but I feel it is, because I put up with so much, and if I wasn't with him, he wouldn't have had the chance to argue with my friends, I'm so sorry girls and thank you ❤️

To Giulia - Again, thank you ❤️

I love you all and thank you xxx


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