Wednesday 16 December 2020

Dog's Christmas Gift Guide 2020

I know it makes some people cringe, when humans refer to their pets as their fur-babies, but I'll be the first to hold my hands up, and admit - my dog is my fur baby. He is, without a doubt my second child, and is very much an equal part of the family - we include him in everything we celebrate - Christmas included.

Disclaimer: All of these featured items have been gifted to me in return for coverage in this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I have not received any payment in return for any products featured.

We celebrate his birthday with cards & presents, treat him to special themed dog treats throughout the year, and in December he gets a daily treat from his very own special dog advent calendar, along with receiving gifts wrapped in dog style Christmas paper from Santa Paws on Christmas day. If you are struggling on gift ideas for the main pooch or pooches in your life, look no further than the below as I present to you - Unique Young Mum's Dog's Christmas Gift Guide.

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Personalised Wooden Dog Biscuit Advent Calendar

Whilst the advent season will be over by Christmas day, I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful product with you that will last year after year, making it the perfect Christmas gift for any pooch you are looking to spoil this year. This lovely wooden advent calendar is personalised and comes with silver elastic string and 24 dog bone biscuits, which you can easily tie on to the wood backing with the handy holes cut into the wood. Once the calendar has been filled you can reuse it every year by just leaving the elastic in place and adding new bone biscuits or mix it up and add toys too!

Squeaker Dog Toy Football

This extremely hardwearing budget-friendly dog toy is ideal for playing, chewing, chasing and hiding. Playing and having fun is an important part of a dog's life, active play helps with keeping a dog's hearts healthy, whilst keeping joints lubricated and generally improving their overall balance and co-ordination. Playing is also great for a dog's mental health, as well as helping humans bonds with their pooches, and it even helps dogs develop and maintain social skills - just as toys do with babies and children!

petDOT + aquaDOT

We live in intense wireless times, constantly surrounded by devices which can affect our energy levels and mood. This is no different for our furry friends, which is why Energydots have created EMF (Electromotive Force) protection for pets. The petDOT is programmed with natural frequencies that reduce the disturbances caused by wireless radiation, resulting in a happier pet who is less stressed. Using the petDOT is easy - you simply attach the petDOT to a dog's collar or any other item they wear, and with the aquaDOT simply attach to the dog's drinking bowl. Whilst on the pricey side - it's a price that you won't mind as it doesn’t need to be replaced and will retain its programming signature indefinitely, whilst helping the pooches health.

Christmas Dog Stocking

Considering the modest price of just £3, I have to say this has got to be the most affordable dog present you could gift to a dog this year. This selection of Pedigree dog treats for Christmas is designed with dog's in mind, keeping them busy throughout the festive period with dog chews, delicious low-fat doggy treats and Pedigree Dentastix to help encourage your giftee canine's oral health. Considering the cost of these products to purchase individually would cost you at least £4, this product is not only a bargain, but it can be used as a main present, to pop in a dog's stocking, or as the dog's main stocking - the choice is yours!

Odie Dog Coat Navy

For winter walks or Sunday lunch at the pub, this stylish little quilted country jacket is showerproof, warm-lined and durable making it an ideal gift for a dog this Christmas. Made from micro poplin diamond quilted fabric with Thermoguard insulation, with a hook and loop fastening for a secure fit, this fully lined with soft-touch taffeta for next-to-fur comfort is bound to keep the host warm on their loving walks. With suedette trims to complete the look and available in four sizes - S, M, L and XL (based on back length) there's one suitable for most dog breeds!

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