Tuesday 14 July 2020

Has Normal Really Returned?

Whilst many of us in the UK have gone back to some kind of normal, for thousands of others, life hasn't returned to normal in any way and for many, they are wondering if normal will ever return. 

Image credit: Adam Nieścioruk at Unsplash.com

For every 20 people you know who's gone back to some kind of 'normal' I can guarantee there's someone you know who is still living this nightmare. Feeling unable to go to a shop, walk down their own street, or even see a familiar face at a distance in a big open space or garden.

We see our 'friends' on social media, enjoying life the best they can, whilst for others, it's a slap in the face, something they can only dream of. Whilst people flocked to beaches, others couldn't walk down their own garden path, for fear of the illness, and what it could do to them or a loved one.

We see people enjoying takeaways, meals out at restaurants and afternoon teas, delivered by companies, but for someone we know, it's another slap in the face - because they are frightened, terrified even, of the illness potentially lurking on even food packaging. 

The supermarket meal deal we take for granted, the coffee from our favourite bistro, heck just even being able to visit such places, we are fortunate that we have the courage to do so, because I guarantee - that at least one person we know, is a prisoner in their own home.

The economy is important, I couldn't agree more, but so is people's lives and their mental health. How much longer are they going to be cooped up inside, with no contact with the outside world? Scared of the food shopping being delivered, and avoiding old shopping online habits for fear of what's lurking on packages.

I personally wipe down everything that comes into my home, including a full weekly food shop. Every single item is wiped down one by one, and that isn't normal is it? Every item I order online - the packaging is wiped down before being opened, and then the items themselves are wiped down. It's the new normal, a normal no one could have predicted.

Whilst I am not being told to do this, nor is it the law, I am telling myself that there is a better chance of avoiding the illness, that I am helping to keep the risk low, but who knows if the antibacterial wiping I am doing has any effect whatsoever? 

We read contradicting article after article, we read unsourced information being shared from our friends on social media, we listen to confusing news reports and we don't know what to believe. We question who we do believe? We start going down rabbit holes, reading conspiracy theories, and before we know it - we are even more confused.

For many their home is safe, they know if they don't leave home, and avoid any unnecessary items coming into their home they are helping themselves by avoiding the illness as much as they can. I just can't stop worrying though, that they may be avoiding the virus, but they are lining themselves up to be victims of other 'illnesses', and I worry about their mental health. 

I don't know what I can do, what we can do, but I know we should mindful of people, and how they are reacting to the current state of affairs. If we can just spare a few minutes every couple of days, to check in on those we know who's struggling with this situation, let them know better days are coming, and to just hang on in there. Let's not persuade them to leave their homes, have visitors, or order some bits in, they have more than likely gone over so many things in their heads already, but let's just let them know we are there.

Kindness costs nothing.

Until next time,
Jada x