Saturday 1 February 2020

The Silver Blade - Microblading Review

Having been unhappy with my eyebrows for a few years, after a waxing incident in a salon damaged one of them, I was delighted to come across the microblading technique, giving me hope that there was a way to save my eyebrows. I can't remember the last time I hadn't felt the need to use an eyebrow pencil, because without pencilled eyebrows, my confidence had been non-existent. 

The SIlver Blade Logo, all black background with silver style writing, and a microblading tool,

Your eyes to me define your face, you could have beautiful coloured eyes, but with bad eyebrows accompanying them, who's going to notice the beautiful colour of those eyes? Instead, attention will be drawn to the eyebrows, and so my eyebrows have always been something I've taken care of, paying for the privilege of waxing and tinting. Those two techniques however, sadly couldn't help me with the patches and shortening of one of my brows due to the waxing incident I had.

Discovering the microblading technique gave me aspiration that I could be happy with my eyebrows again, and so I set off on my search for a local microblading technician who could turn my dreams into a reality. I came across The Silver Blade, ran by a lady called Krema, who operates from her home with a stylish treatment room in Reading - Berkshire, and sent a message to enquire further about the technique.

Before and after images of one of The Silver Blade's clients.

Right from the very start, Krema made the prices easily known, and was only happy to answer the multiple questions I had in regards to the microblading service. I felt her customer service skills were very welcoming, prices extremely reasonable and so I decided to book in for a patch test and consultation.

Candles and other small accessories on a shelving unit in the treatment room.

The consultation day arrived, and I headed to Krema's home, where she operates The Silver Blade from. Krema warmly welcomed me into her home, offered me a drink and then took me through to the treatment room. I was pleased to see four different certificates framed and on display, giving me security that Krema was qualified to do the microblading technique.

Decor in The Silver Blade's treatment room, including daffodils

Her treatment room was exceedingly clean, with not a speck of dust or dirt in sight. Krema had calming music playing, with daffodils and other small accessories bringing light but just enough decor to the whitewashed modern room. The treatment bed was so comfortable, I was worried I was going to fall asleep, it's important to have a comfortable treatment bed, especially when you're going to be on it for more than 5 minutes.

The treatment bed/chair at The Silver Blade

I had a consultation with Krema, which was done thoroughly and professionally, with Krema asking me questions such as do I have any allergies, and also giving me advice on not what to do prior to the treatment, such as not drinking alcohol. I also had the patch test done and returned the next day for the treatment! 

Krema who is ABT credited, uses acupuncture needles that are thinner than other blades, the technique can last for up to 1.5-2 years, however, there are two initial appointments that are essential to have this lasting effect. The first treatment must be followed up by a second top-up treatment 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. 

Images showing the difference between before and after the microblading treatment.

Krema prepped my eyebrows by cleaning them and applying numbing gel to make the technique more bearable. Prior to this, I had a hairnet applied to my hair, and a protective sheet placed over my body. It was now time for the treatment to begin and I was thoroughly pleased that Krema walked me through each stage, notifying me with each step of what she was doing. Whilst laying on a bed with your eyes closed, unable to see your surroundings, this brought me comfort and gave me notice of what was about to come.

The technique itself wasn't painful, with credit given to the strong numbing cream Krema uses. It was no more painful than having your eyebrows waxed, only a slightly different feeling which is due to be expected. Krema used rulers and an eyebrow pencil to get the desired shape and style and spoke to me about the many different colours she had, asking me if I was happy with the design and colour before she got to work on giving me my brow transformation.

I was shown the ongoing results a number of times via a handheld double-sided magnified beauty mirror, with Krema checking in that I was okay and happy with the results so far. Once the microblading part of the treatment was done, Krema applied a healing cream to my brows, as well as handing me a sachet of cream to take home, along with aftercare instructions verbally spoken and sent to me immediately. 

Microblading in Reading review. Before and after images.

I am extremely happy with my new brows and can't stop looking at them in the mirror! They have made such a difference, in not only my face - mainly the eye area, but to my confidence too. They have also saved me a considerable amount of time as I don't have to worry about the eyebrow pencil any more. I will update this post with a picture of my own brows once I've had my follow up session, and my brows are healed.

The healing stage takes up to two weeks, and by 4-6 weeks the first initial treatment I've had done will basically be non-existent. This is because the body reacts to the treatment as a foreign-body, pushing the semi-permanent pigments out of the body. When you have the second (follow up) appointment, the body reacts in a different manner, giving you desired effects which can last up to two years.

Before and after images of microblading.

Whilst Krema's usual prices are extremely fair and reasonable for this type of service - £240, The Silver Blade is currently running a special offer that is running until the end of February, which is for 50% off, meaning the initial treatment is only £120! On top of this promotion, if you also book in your follow up appointment and pay for both at the same time, this cost just £150 - a huge and exceedingly good promotion! 

You can find out more about The Silver Blade by viewing their Facebook page here.

Jada x

*I have received no incentive for posting this review. All thoughts, views and opinions are of my own mind and have not been influenced in any way.