Friday 22 January 2016

The Best Pets For Children.

Having a pet in the house can be a great way to help children feel confident and comfortable around animals. It also teaches responsibility, especially if your child is responsible for key tasks involved in the pet’s care, and it can provide a great source of companionship. Of course, just what kind of pet is most suitable will depend on the personality of your child. These are some of the best choices overall.
Dogs are a serious commitment and they need plenty of space to run around, so they’re only suitable if you have a reasonably sized house with a garden. In addition, they need to be taken for a walk twice a day. Some breeds are more suitable for children than others and very young children should be watched to ensure they don’t pull tails, grab feet or do other things likely to upset the dog. You’ll need to regularly buy flea tablets for your dog and teach your child how to groom the dog. In return, they’ll get a loyal friend who will love running around with them and getting into scrapes. Most breeds of dogs will live for up to 13 years.
If you want an animal that can be loyal and intelligent like a dog but doesn’t need to be taken for long walks, a rabbit is a great choice. Rabbits are highly active, sociable animals so should either be free to move around the house or should have a large run to use. You’ll need to hide cables but they can be trained not to nibble other things and to use a designated toilet area – remember they’ll need to eat some of their droppings to stay healthy. They can live for up to 14 years and can be very affectionate.
When it comes to small pets that can happily spend most of their time in enclosures, hamsters are the best option. Most species are solitary but they can enjoy being handled by humans when they get used to it and can have fun exercising in a ball or exploring mazes built from Lego. Their cages should be cleaned at least weekly but overall they’re not very high maintenance. The main downside is that they only live about three years, so your child will have to be ready to cope with them dying.
Guinea pigs
Gentle, sociable pets with relatively simple needs, guinea pigs can be great pets for quieter children. They should be kept in pairs or larger same sex groups because they need company to be happy and they sleep very little. It’s important to give them opportunities for exercise and space to run around in, but they can live in a hutch as long as they get out daily. They need high fibre diets (your local pet shop can supply appropriate pellets) and they live for five to six years.
The right pet will give your children an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time, helping them to develop key adult skills. Pets can boost confidence and draw shy kids out of their shells whilst reminding boisterous ones that sometimes it’s okay to slow down and show affection. They can be a wonderful part of the family.
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