My Engagement Ring Story.

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When Gareth proposed to me last year, on the 21st of June 2015 (Father's Day) to be precise, I had no idea how he got my ring size and for so long it baffled me. Asking him the obvious question ''how did you get my ring size'' wasn't answering my question, so I had to keep bugging him for months until he finally told me the other day, but not without telling me a story that I had to share with all of you.

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Gareth had tried a number of ways to get my ring size, starting from the obvious (apparently!) - which was by asking me what my ring size was, which I can't remember and apparently I never told him, which would make perfect sense as I've never had the ring finger measured, I've dreamt of it so many times, so so many times, but it never actually happened, and I'm personally glad it never as I suppose once you get the finger measured you know it's going to happen soon, but my engagement took me totally by surprise.

Gareth also bless him, took some of my costume jewelry rings he found in my jewelry box to a few jewelry shops, only for them not to be able to help him due to the rings being a one size fits all (you know the rings that come in small, medium, large, extra large). It was on this quest that a jeweler told him to buy a ring size checker, but the jeweler didn't sell them, only had them for his own business use.

Not wanting my family to find out (apart from my dad) Gareth didn't ask any of my family and friends in fear of me finding out about it, so he searched loads of different ways on the internet without joy, one story had me howling so much I nearly choked on air whilst laughing! A website suggested measuring my finger, but as you can't bend a straight ruler and Gareth couldn't find a tape measure in my house without asking me, Gareth drew around a ruler, marking the same markings as the ruler had, then cut out the ruler shape, to measure my finger only to find he must of made a mistake because when he got to the jewelry shop they said they've never known anyone with a ring size like that in the world!

Eventually, Gareth come across a proper ring I had taken off due to a psoriasis flare, he told me he was so scared of me finding out as he had it for three days, but luckily I didn't notice! If you thought his quest was over, think again, he finally had my ring size, but the ring he fell in love with wasn't in stock, and by this time, he'd already visited by dad to ask for my dad's blessing in taking my hand for marriage, the family were gathering together for a Father's Day meal in less than 48 hours and Gareth knowing how important my family are to me wanted to propose to me at the meal!

After visiting every jewelry shop in the town centre apparently, he was luckily able to source a beautiful ring 20 miles out of Reading, which cost him a fair bit of money in taxi fares, along with a fair bit of time - which he didn't have! I love my ring, and although I don't know what his original choice was, I'm glad he didn't pick it, because I have the most beautiful engagement ring to me - and that's all that matters! Whilst I don't want to share a picture of my ring online for all to see, you can check out some amazing vintage jewelry here.

Jada x
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