How Opinions Can Change A Wardrobe!

by Jada, September 09, 2015
When I first met Gareth around four years ago, he was dressed rather old for his age in my opinion, though he likes to thinks otherwise! Now me and Gareth have been together for quite a while, I've noticed how my opinion has an influence on what he wear's, not that he's stopped wearing the clothes he loves so much, but more of the fact that's he's willing to try new styles.

Our first picture together, Gareth's dressing casual.
For example, 10 months ago, you'd find Gareth in one of two styles, sporty or casual. I'd meet up with him and if he wasn't wearing jogging bottoms, trainers and a sports style top, he'd be wearing Chinos, smart pumps and a casual top, there wasn't no in between - unless it was bedtime, then you could find him wearing his favourite Superman lounge pants!

Now, Gareth will go into shops and search online for styles he would of never considered just a few months back, and that's all because of my opinion. An opinion different to his own, and a confidence boost for his opinions that he wasn't too sure on! One example of how Gareth has made his wardrobe more of a variety, is how he's starting to wear cardigans/jumpers more now, whereas before, he'd just wear a tee, no matter the weather!

Spud and Gareth, I love Gareth's jumper!
One of my favourite outfits of his, is his pretty boy jeans, a navy jumper and his Gazelle's, it's not much effort, but it really compliments his frame and build, it's also his style and personality shining right through! Although I love him trying new styles, I do still love the clothes he has from when we first got together last year!

Although some people may think I am changing Gareth, the truth is, he is changing himself, something he's wanted to do for a while, but something he's not had the confidence to do! With my thoughts and opinions on the subject, Gareth feel's much more confidence to approach fashion more openly, whereas he wouldn't give it the time or day before!

Together on our most recent date night.
If I could change Gareth, believe me, I'd have him in some three quarter length jeans or chino's, with a plain white tee, and some anchor shoes! However, I'm not here to change his style, but support him on the styles he suits and loves!

Until next time,
Jada x
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