Unusual Bridesmaid Dresses

by Jada, June 25, 2015
If you've not heard already, I got engaged on Sunday! If you've not heard where have you been!? My engagement has been the talk of my mouth since the minute it happened! At first I couldn't even ring my mum, I was shaking from shock with my heart racing and all sorts, I eventually calmed down enough to ring my mum to tell her the news, but she already knew as Gareth rang her on Friday, minutes after visiting my dad to ask for his permission!

Not that I've been stalking wedding idea's already (I promise I haven't!) but I have had a few sneaky peaks when I've had a few minutes spare, but this isn't just because my wedding (I'm still not use to writing that yet - my wedding!) but because of my sister's wedding too, which is happening in May 2016 and I've been blessed to be asked to be one of her bridesmaid's! I couldn't be more happier for her, Paula is not only a big sister, she's also one of my best friends, so to be apart of her bridal party is an amazing opportunity!

My beautiful ring, I must say, my fiance done a very good job!
I was looking for unique bridesmaids ideas when I remembered Kat's blog (Rock n Roll Bride), Kat is a fellow Reading lass, and can you guess what her husbands name is? It's only Gareth isn't it! I find it so bizarre that we're both from Reading, both have partners called Gareth, both blog and we both went to a Lush event once, I was a little bit blogger-struck, and didn't have the courage to say oh my gosh I love your blog, but if she comes across this post, she may know now!

Anyway, it was on Kat's blog that I found out according to Coast, that purple, black and grey are the most popular wedding colour theme which hasn't quite shocked me to be honest! I'm not a big, big fan of black myself, preferring pinks, white, pretty purples, grey's, light blues and creams, however, there are some really pretty bridesmaid dresses out there in black! I think if I would of seen the article before, I would of been like ergh no, but now I'm engaged, and have thoughts and idea's for my own wedding, I actually can see why black is a popular choice.

Three beautiful dresses, L-R: Black, Grey and Purple. All dresses from Coast. 

Katie from www.orlajames.com agreed "Black is such a pretty colour for a dress and definitely up there as one of my favourites, but yeah not sure about it for my wedding! I'm all for white, everything white!"

I'm not saying that I would have black at my wedding, as it is quite a dark colour for me, I don't even suit black hair, or dark, dark brown but these dresses above from Coast are absolutely beautiful and I wouldn't throw the idea away of having these present on my bridesmaids at my wedding! Out of the three, I must say its the middle one that catches my eye, only because of the sparkly waist!

Then again, now seeing different ideas for bridesmaid's dresses, I don't know if I want my bridesmaids in pink, which has always been a big thought of mine, before I even met my future husband, I'm now loving grey!

If you're married, what colour/colours did your bridesmaid wear?

Until next time,
Jada x
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