''Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you'', was bursting out through the tiny speakers on my mobile phone which was laid on one of my kitchen worktops, I was washing out the ice cube trays, that seemed to of been deserted for a very long time. Quickly swiping a clean tea towel out of the draw to dry my hands on, I just about made the phone call before it automatically cuts in to voicemail. The caller ID was flashing with Laura, she was calling just at the right time, I needed to know what flavour ice cubes she would like.

Heyyyy I answered, in a cheerily, bubbly voice, excited for the nights plan ahead of us, it was Saturday afternoon, me and Laura had planned to have the night off from our mummy roles and take some much needed time away from our hectic lives, we was off to play our favourite sport - ice hockey, only a disco version! Hearing a croaky voice at the other end of the phone, I pretty much knew what was coming straight away. Laura get's a break from her children from Friday-Sunday on a weekday basis, unlike me who can just about get a sitter once in a blue moon.

Laura had been out the previous night, her Friday night antics had left her feeling in no good mood to meet up for our arranged plans, can I take a rain check she asked, I know it's the umpteenth time I've done it to you, but I promise I'll make it up to you next time, I cheerily said that it was okay and joked that I had no sympathy for her self-inflicted state. Laura wasn't exaggerating when she said it was the umpteenth time, out of all the plans we make in a year, I'd say she bailed on me 90% of the time, I was use to it, not just from her, but sadly from other friends too.

Unlike other mutual friends in our circles who prefer to go out clubbing and drinking till the early hours, I prefer a few quiet drinks at home or in a nice little pub, a date with my Hockey playing friends, or watching a hot chic flick at the cinema. My clubbing days were over before they had even began, it's something I've just never been into, nor is heavy/binge drinking.

Considering I still had a sitter for the night as Spud was off to my sister's, and not knowing when the next opportunity would be to have a few hours break, I thought why should I be let down time and time again? I was so excited to try out my new hockey skates too, they'd already been sat in the corner of my bedroom for a few months waiting to be used! So I dragged Gareth along with me for moral support, and played in a made up team once I got to the rink.
Sometimes, plan's get cancelled, events change, catch ups re-arranged, we reschedule, re-plan and re-arrange to find a more suitable time. Sometime's though, enough is enough, everyone deserves a break, some fun and even a laugh at the embarrassing falls that happen on the ice rink. Sometimes, being let down is not all that bad, I had a brilliant night with Gareth and was treated for dinner afterwards! 

Maybe next time Laura and I arrange to make plans, I will rain check on her before she rain checks on me! I rather enjoyed my night out with Gareth, music, good food, a dance, a cheeky midnight beverage and a good winning game!

Results all round!

Jada x
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