Our First Ever Company Of The Month


After a fellow blogger got suspicious of these chocolates, a bit of investigating was done and it seems to be that myself and other bloggers were mislead on information regarding the chocolates and the company. I will not post the link to the investigating post as I feel the company has had enough backlash to sadly put them out of business. No out of date sign on the box, no allergy advice and other things have all led to some people getting suspicious.

What once was typed on the official site read, ''Everything from making the chocolates to finishing the boxes is done by hand making sure you receive a product which is both unique and special, we are a small family business dedicated to making chocolate that is second to none, not any 2 boxes of chocolate are the same''. Now it reads something completely different.

 Remember if your a company to always be honest, a small lie will escalate into more small lies and the truth will be exposed. The blogging community as I am beginning to learn is very large and we do all stick together. We will all stay clear of Genevie.

So my review below, was at the time the truth known to me and other bloggers. I still think the chocolates were beautiful, it would of been nice to of known what was inside but it did make the process of blind eating chocolate fun!

I have suspended Chocolate by Genevie from being company of the month for August, and a new company will be chosen as originally planned for September.

I have removed all links but if you still wish to try out the chocolates please search for the site on a search engine.

I am sorry if you feel this is unfair, but I am not willing to lie to my readers, I was lied too, or mislead as some of you may call it, but this wasn't needed, and Genevie or who ever is behind the company is still sadly claiming that the chocolates was never repackaged, but that seems to be the only way possible to us bloggers.

Sadly I would not want anyone to go out and buy these chocolates as I am not even sure if the company is registered, please read the original review with caution as this is now known to be false information.

Jade x

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