New Blog Design * YAY *

Hey everyone just a short visit today, I have been quite busy with the family all day today so I just want to have a bath and get into bed. Before I do that though I have to come and tell you all about the new design.! It took me a few hours to get everything right, I made the banner and the rest I just used simple blogger template and customised it to my standard's, a little bit of HTML and here we have it, the finishing result! What does everyone think? I would love to hear people's feedback! 

Also very soon I will have a section on the site related to awards, I will be doing blog awards so if you would like to enter yourself to win a free graphic award then please check back soon! It's only a personalised graphic as a prize but hey, it's something you've won.!

All comments welcome would love to hear from you.

Until next time,
Jade x

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