Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Want To Make A Woman Happy? I Have The Perfect Answer!

Its summer, wahoo! Well although our summer has been a bit odd with its weather recently, its still classed as the summer season and it is officially Britain's summer time! We have been really lucky recently with some absolutely perfect delightful weather and I am hoping and praying it makes a return pretty soon as mine and the boys holiday is quickly approaching!

I love our holidays, it gets us out of our flat and into nice accommodation (not always the case but this time it will deffo be the case as we are going to stay with family), I don't have to worry about any un-wanted and un-expected guest (I just leave that to my brother and girlfriend instead who are home sitting), I get to buy new clothes, accessories and shoes (what girl doesn't love shopping!?), I get to lay on a beach, even if it is cold, hopefully it won't be raining and I get to stare at the sea and the beautiful sights around us. This holiday is an extra special holiday as we are going to stay with my Mum, I miss her and my little sister so much, me and Spud can't wait to be reunited with them!

My big time favourite pre holiday to do is shopping, I love finding new outfits and cute accessories to match, and like most girls I get to shop for new shoes, not any shoes though, you can't wear dolly shoes on a beach can you? Or trainers? Or even pumps? Well you can, but all that sand going in your shoes and getting stuck in your shoes is not a pleasant feeling (believe me I've had blisters from sand rubbing against my skin and dollies). What I have been searching for is the most perfect pair of beautiful sandals, and I've found them, they are purely beautiful! 

I've treated myself to two pair's, one pair is flat for the beach and every day wear (oh how I really do wish we have lovely weather) and the other pair is the most beautiful platform sandals I have ever seen, they are for when me and my sister go out on a night out (my lovely Mum has offered to baby sit the kids so we can have a night out) I have placed my order and I am now waiting for them to arrive, its amazing how a new pair of shoes can make a woman feel better isn't it!

I'd love to hear of any holiday plans you have this year!

Until next time,
Jade x

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