Monday, 8 July 2013

Why Being A Child Is Much More Fun..

This past weekend, we have been blessed here in England with truly fantastic weather, we have had the sun and the heat, we've opened window's and invited uninvited guest in, mosquito's, ant's, daddy long legs, moth's, yuk the list goes on. Some of these home terrorist I didn't even recognise, I'm very sure they was not from around here, they wasn't English bugs I'm sure. Maybe because we've had temperatures hotter then the Caribbean (currently) these bugs and insects have flown for miles and landed in Reading, they then see my window's open, because my flat is like a greenhouse with 8 windows in my living room alone, and decided they would invite themselves in.

Me and Spud spent the day with some of the family yesterday at California Country Park, we all had a big picnic, applied sun cream to the children and allowed them to play in the park play area's and in the cool big clean outdoor pool (supervised of course), it was a lovely day. Continuously applying the factor 50 Nivea children's sun cream I picked up in the middle of the week to Spud, I never once thought about myself being a target of the sun's preying beams. Of course, I soon realised, only it was too late I was burnt, thanks sun, thanks skin, thanks brain!!!

After getting my very kind Spud to rub my very red and sore back with Sudacream (because I have no after sun) after my very cool soothing bath, we both got into our pj's and fell asleep on the sofa, that sun and heat takes it out of us, we are so not used to it! When I woke up, actually more like when I was awoken up by the sound of buzzing, I could of quite literally had a heart attack. For in my front room, whizzing around like it was bug city was every creature mentioned above, in my home, landing anywhere they wanted taking me hostage in my own living room. I started cursing myself for leaving the window's open and the lights on. I finally plucked up the courage to go to the kitchen to look for some insect spray I believed I had, only when I opened the kitchen door, it was like I was in the insect sanctuary, a living rain-forest kitchen.

I screamed, I wanted to cry, I was panicking, cursing myself some more, cursing my ex to myself, sure if I was still with him, he could of been my knight in shining armor, he could of rescued me from the 100s (about 40 maybe) insects making me freak out. I stupidly then had this amazing idea in my head, I ran to my bedroom, which thankfully only had two daddy long legs in there, and picked up a pair of my flat shoes, on returning to the kitchen, I start throwing my shoes onto the ceiling, trying to knock some of these horrid bugs down. Things were going fine until one came at me, I could actually imagine it calling for more back up, daddy long leg 2 this is daddy long leg 1, I need back up, we have an enemy. I'm closing my eyes in fear, terrified this insect is going to harm me, even though my dad says I am a giant to them, and they are scared of me, that is a lie, it must be, because this daddy long leg wouldn't give up.

In a panic, unable to escape my kitchen, because the kitchen door seemed miles away, I got up on the worktop, telling myself its okay I'll spray the sides with disinfectant after my ordeal is over, only this certain daddy long leg wouldn't give up, I hadn't noticed I was getting closer and closer to the edge of the sideboard where my microwave sat until I heard a smash, my microwave was on the floor, the glass door smashed, me with no shoes on and a nervous wreck. I walked to the other side of the side board, got near the sink and got down, I'd gone from being a very scared 23 year old woman to a mad mental 23 year old rampage nutter. Armed with insect spray, I went on a rampage, cursing them as I went. Who's going to be paying for this microwave because of you!!! Me, muggings here, scared of you, and look at you now, hopeless ugly things!

I love the summer, I love the sun and I love the heat, I do NOT however like the bugs and insects that comes along with it!

Hope you've all been enjoying the sun!
Jada xx

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