Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Can Anyone Help!? Let's Beat Cancer Together!

Cancer is something that has affected all of us in at least one stage of our lives, when I say affect us all, I don't mean we have thought the illness ourselves, some of us have, other's have been affected in other ways. Watching a loved one battle Cancer or watching a friend suffer through the horrible illness. Sadly I lost my Grandad to Cancer. Cancer stole my Grandad from me, thanks to the illness, my son never met him. Tear's are welling in my eyes as I type this post, wishing he could come back, wishing he was still here, wishing he got to meet the 1 grandchild (my little sister) and 3 great grandchildren (my Spud, Little Big Man and Baby Boo) he never had the opportunity to meet. 

Me, my two big sisters, my sister in law and Paula's (my eldest sister) sister in law is running the Race for Life next month July 21st at 11am. We are walking/running/sprinting the Race for Life not only for the memory of our loved ones, but to raise money into cures for Cancer's. There are so many different types of Cancer's in the world (200 different types) and although some people fight the illness and go on to lead healthy lives, other's are sadly stolen of their lives, just like my Grandad.

I am pleading for help in any way you can by sponsoring our team, even if its just for 1p, every penny helps! Race for Life is a womans only event where the participants run/walk/crawl/sprint/jog either a 5k or 10k path. Me and my team would really appreciate any help you can afford and hope you can all understand its for a fantastic cause. You can find our official Race for Life, Just Giving page here, I would just like to say a thank you in advance for anyone who can hep by sponsoring us!

To find out more about Race for Life, check out the official website here.

Jade xx

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